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JRM board JRM Consultants, located in Santa Barbara, California, has been in the business of providing engineering services and manufactured products worldwide since 1979. The company was incorporated as a California corporation in 1983. Clients have included Cambrian Systems, Micropolis, Seagate, 3M, Maxtor, ACC, Digital Sound, Dolphin ICS, Samsung, Raytheon, Summa Corp. and many others.

JRM Consultants focusses on digital technology for embedded systems, including design and delivery of the hardware, firmware and software. JRM Consultants can deliver an entire embedded product, or can work with a customer team to produce subsystems of a larger product. Services provided include embedded Linux, tailored processor boards, custom interfaces, firmware development with VHDL and Verilog, rack-mounted enclosures, and custom software. Recent applications successfully delivered have included video conferencing, real-time control, data encryption and error correction.

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