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These production-ready embedded boards are available for purchase. Please contact us to get an exact price quote.

JRM’s experience with embedded board design has culminated in a certain general design approach. When possible, a board will implemented in a modular form where smaller modules, referred to as “daughter boards” may be stacked onto standardized processor boards, referred to as “motherboards”. This approach has a number of advantages.

Design time is reduced and reliability is enhanced, by allowing previously designed and fully checked out modules to be used, either as part of the design or for testing. For example, existing PCI or FPGA daughter boards can be used, allowing design effort to focus on entirely new functionality.

Or, as another example, a custom daughter board may be developed to plug into a standard motherboard providing serial communication and Ethernet, again allowing concentration on new features without needing to debug the functions provided by the re-used motherboard.

The modular approach speeds up and simplifies the design and debugging process for complex hardware platforms and their associated systems software by allowing the use of intermediate interfaces during development which are not to be included in the final product and/or do not comply with the final form factor. Also use of this technique allows use of special testpoint boards to be stacked during development but not included in the final product and/or form factor. JRM’s method of designing hardware as modules that can be stacked has greatly facilitated system development for a variety of products.