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Although JRM Consultants draws on experience working in a wide range of fields, we would like mention a few themes that have occurred in our work. The headings below are not exclusive; some projects could be listed under several of them.

Computing Platforms

Projects have been developed for many different platforms, including legacy systems, mainline systems and state-of-the art equipment. New or old, it is all in the days work. However, we have found opportunity in confronting the challenge of unusual hardware.

Networks, Switching, Telecom

JRM Consultants has successfully delivered numerous projects related to this area. Our experience will be a strong asset in future communication projects.

Signal Processing, Data Encryption, Error Correction

We have worked both with software solutions and with specialized hardware in this field. We continue to work to improve our capabilities in this area, which we believe will provide future opportunities.

Data Collection, Instrumentation, Interface to Analog Devices

Various projects have been of this nature, producing components for such fields as medical equipment or industrial control.


This also has been a theme, as JRM consultants have worked on a variety of security-related projects, including security planning and auditing, procedures, programming for security systems, implementation and deployment of firewalls (hardware and software), etc.

Defense Work (DOD)

We have considerable experience working with radar, space systems, aircraft data, missile data and other defense work. We have expertise in dealing with the policies and procedures of the defense community, so that we are well prepared for defense work if the opportunity arises.
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