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JRM Consultants can provide services at every stage of the development of a product which uses advanced digital technology

Design Stage

We will deliver documentation which is accurate, readable and on time. See us for help with requirements analysis, signal process engineering, custom circuit board design, algorithm development, software design, or other things too numerous to mention. Call us to see if there is a fit.

Hardware Development

We design, prototype and deliver circuit boards, including systems with embedded CPUs and lower-level component boards We design in VHDL and Verilog, producing firmware for FPGAs. We handle the layout for the boards. We can modify existing designs. We have considerable experience interfacing new development to legacy equipment or protocols.

Bare Board Layer

We are accustomed to working with new boards and factory prototype kits. We produce the diagnostics, firmware and low-level code to get a board going in its project environment.

Operating System Layer

We will port Linux to a new environment or work with real-time operating systems. We can develop device drivers or other required software which directly interfaces to the operating system.


JRM Consultants software engineers can help with software development, either to develop a product independently or as a team member. We have experience in numerous areas, for example, security applications, database programming, digital signal processing, communications, shell programming. simulation in Perl or Python.


We can assist with technical documentation if help is needed in that area. We offer website design and associated programming. and also can deliver designs for such items as business logos, business cards,

Testing and Integration

Our experienced testers can help you get your project out the door. We can handle formal testing or DOD requirements if that is necessary. We provide expert trouble-shooting for integration woes, particularly with respect to communications or operating systems or systems administration difficulties. Troubleshooting addresses all system areas, hardware and software, including problems with the analog aspects of a target system.

Linux Training

Formal or informal training or consultation in using the Linux operating system is available.
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